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Update Minecraft Windows 10

How to Update Minecraft Windows 10

Minecraft is a game developed by Swedish video game developer Mojang Studio. This game was first made public in 2009 and apparently, it was loved and enjoyed by masses all over the world. Since the very first version of this game, people have enjoyed exploring this virtual world of blocks in which they can virtually discover unlimited terrain, extract raw materials, craft tools, and construct earthworks or buildings. 

Minecraft still publishes regular updates for its players. Minecraft is available in 2 editions, Microsoft and Java. If you are wondering, how to update Minecraft server? This blog will help you with the same and answer all your queries regarding this much-loved video game and also see the steps of update Minecraft windows 10.

How to Update the Minecraft Server?

The Minecraft Windows edition is a highly optimized version for Windows. The regular updates eliminate the bugs and provide users a seamless game-play experience. 

Below are various simple ways you can update Minecraft. 

Update Minecraft from Microsoft store

  1. Open the Microsoft Store in the menu by clicking the start button.
  2. Find the three dots on the upper right corner of the Microsoft store.
  3. Click on the “Download and Update” in the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the Get Updates button.

After following these three simple steps, the Microsoft store will download any latest updates available. 

How to install and Update Minecraft Windows 10

Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Minecraft Application Using the Shortcut Command
  1. Press Windows and R simultaneously to open the Run window, and finally type appwiz.cpl to run it.
  2. You can uninstall Minecraft from the list of apps by right-clicking it and selecting Uninstall.
  3. Log in to Minecraft through the Minecraft Launcher
  4. You can install the most recent version of Minecraft by visiting the Update Notes page and clicking the Play button.

This automatically downloads the game with its new version. You can also download the Java edition in the same way from the Minecraft website.

If you are wondering, how to force update Minecraft? Follow the next procedure. 

Force Update Minecraft

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher to begin the process. If you do not have the Minecraft launcher, you can download it from the internet. 
  2. Go to the Options and click on the Force Update option
  3. To install updates, log in to Minecraft and press the Done option once the updates are installed. 

The Force update option relieves you from the tiring process of manually updating Minecraft. Force updates automatically update the Minecraft video game as and when updates are published. 

How to Update Minecraft on the Play Station

  1. Go to the games library.
  2. Select “Minecraft” from the apps and games available. 
  3. Select the game options and click on Check Updates.
  4. Install it if any updates are available.

Read the FAQ to find out about the next PS3 Minecraft update.

How to Solve the Problem When Minecraft Is Unable to Update the Native Launcher?

It is also possible to manually download updates from the Minecraft website rather than using the Native Launcher.

  1. Visit Minecraft’s download page.
  2. Simply click the Alternative Download link underneath the large green Download button.
  3. Run Minecraft.exe after downloading and installing.


How Do You Install Minecraft Pe Update 11.0?

Minecraft PE is the pocket edition of Minecraft released in 2016. This edition enabled mobile phone users to play Minecraft on their handheld devices. 

One can simply go to the play store and install Minecraft pe update 11.0 or any latest update by searching Minecraft and clicking on Install Updates.

When Is the Next Ps3 Minecraft Update?

The Minecraft PS3 Edition is an adaptation of the game designed for the PlayStation 3 gaming console. According to the version history, Minecraft PS3 edition 1.82 was the latest and last update.

Minecraft 1.13 not working?

If Minecraft 1.13 is not working, try the following 2 things 

  1. It is best to uninstall and then reinstall. Then Restart your Computer and try it again.
  2. Verify that Windows 10 is the latest version. 
Does Minecraft Update Automatically?

Updates can be performed automatically in Minecraft. Make sure that the default settings are set to force an update so that your Minecraft automatically updates. Once you have enabled the force update feature, Minecraft will download the newer version from the company once it is released. 

Does Surface Pro 4 Minecraft Perform Well?

Surface Pro 4 Minecraft works well and the multi-touch functionality is easy to use. The popular game is now available on a range of platforms since Microsoft acquired Minecraft’s developer Mojang.

Now that you know how to update the Minecraft server, play seamlessly without any bugs!

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