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How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

The mouse acceleration is known as pointer precision, and it is a feature that’s been around in Windows. It was implemented with the intention of helping people feel more in control over their cursor, however, it can seriously throw you off while gaming and enhance pointer precision.

What is Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse acceleration turns on/off your mouse cursor spinning on the screen. What you need to understand is that it does not make the cursor faster or slower on your screen, it just allows you to control your cursor better. Imagine a circle you can move around on the screen. For every click, the circle will spin and this can become an annoying thing to deal with sometimes. So what does mouse acceleration do? It makes sure that your circle of movement is still there when you perform a mouse click, although your mouse now takes a different path while spinning. This is what mouse acceleration actually does: It allows your cursor to travel with different paths when you click, which makes the whole thing look more natural and can be pretty cool at times. So what’s the problem?

Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

Why You Should Disable Mouse Acceleration

There are many reasons to disable mouse acceleration. One is to make your mouse feel smoother. Basically, mouse acceleration is changing the way your mouse smoothing cursor looks on the screen. It does this by adding additional layers of smoothing, which your mouse’s sensor is designed to detect. This smoothing slows down the motion of your mouse pointer and makes it look slower than it actually is, making it much harder for you to track movement and accurate controls. Many gamers turn the mouse acceleration off to get more accuracy and control over their mouse in a more accurate manner. The issue is, if you turn off mouse acceleration, you’ll have difficulty playing games on your computer, as moving your mouse is going to be un-intuitive for you.

If you’re playing a first person shooter on a high-end graphics card, you may not need to worry about pointer precision. If you’re playing a strategy game on a low-end PC, you definitely will. Whether or not you need to worry about the enhance pointer precision depends on the game that you’re playing and what you intend to do with the PC.

Why did Gamers recommend to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration?

One of the biggest changes in Windows 10 is the new, joystick-style setting that can control the screen’s cursor speed. This is called mouse acceleration, and it’s designed to make using a mouse feel more comfortable. The problem is, many gamers don’t like the way mouse acceleration affects their experience.

In the past, many gamers complained about the gaming mouse acceleration issues which no one can get rid of like Minecraft mouse acceleration. The acceleration issue does not only affect gamers but most users who use the mouse. Most of them are not able to use the mouse correctly since the mouse acceleration is not as accurate as they would like. This can also end up being a huge deal for gamers when playing online games.

Mouse acceleration test shows you how the mouse’s movement is translated into pixels on the screen, and can cause serious problems if not turned off.

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

It is a simple process to a turn on and off mouse acceleration in Windows 10 and it is a easy process we guide it below.

1. Firstly, click on the Windows start menu icon.

windows start icon with red arrow

2. Then second step is to click on the Settings icon.

windows settings icon with red arrow

3. After open the Windows settings menu, then click on the Devices icon.

devices icon in settings

4. After open the Devices menu, click on the Mouse tab on left side.

mouse tab in devices

5. Then click on the Additional mouse options link, under the Related settings option.

Mouse Acceleration in Windows for additional options

6. Then in Additional mouse options window, uncheck the option Enhance pointer precision checkbox under the Pointer Options.

Mouse Acceleration in Windows to Enhance pointer precision

  1. Then click Apply then OK to save the settings. Once it is enabled, then mouse acceleration will disabled.

If want to enable again, then repeat the above instructions.


While you may be eager to use the mouse acceleration feature, there are certainly certain benefits to turning it off. When you turn it off, you’ll get the most accurate cursor in Windows, however, the interface may not be as clear and smooth.

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